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Much of it is likely due to the limit on the size of plates on the presses for heat that Champion was using within their manufacturing facilities. The platen was the upper plate on the heat press. It was most likely 14” wide by 14”. This signifies that printing beyond this range of size was impossible. All designs could be restricted to 14×14 inches on the jersey. The initial Trailblazers jerseys featured stripes running across the body’s front. mlb replica jerseys In contrast, replica jerseys had stripes that were only the width and length of the logo. Champion included replica Trailblazers jerseys sporting stripes from 1992 to 1993. Champion also modified the neckline so that it had two trims: a red and multiple-colored trim of white and red. They also released white home jerseys, though they were rather limited in terms of player availability as well as amounts of prints. Champion was known for its release of mostly road jerseys for most teams. Home jerseys, however, were more difficult to find and were less frequent.