Football Replica Jerseys

Summer is just starting but it’s time to begin planning the fall sales. Replica jerseys are a popular part of our wholesale apparel range. learn more These will be a favorite for Mom or dad along with brother sisters, friends, and the players too. A ladies’ and men’s style can be found (LST307). The styles are available in the top colours for schools.

The shirts can be easily embellished with their breathable mesh bodies. The fabric is 100% polyester. is catainoc, but it’s not affected by heat so any of our products should be able to work. To make it easy to apply I painted both female and the adult versions with the Glow Proof(r) designs. These screen printed plastisol transfers apply in just 4 seconds on cotton, polyester and blends of poly/cotton.

The football layouts of a replica jersey
This illustrates how Dad’s and Mom’s layouts can be incorporated onto one sheet of transfer paper. This will help save you printing costs.

I began with the identical Simple Prints(r) layout (QFB-99) that I used for Mom and Dad, but altered the layout for mom using a football instead of an o Mom. Since we went with a more rectangular shape the two prints will fit on the same sheet , reducing the cost of printing. Express Names ™ was applied to mark her son’s name onto my mom’s shirt. The mesh shirt may cause some heat splatters on your heating press. An easy slip pad protector can make it much easier to wipe clean. If any holes do poke through the pad, it is easy to wipe all the dots.

Make the transfers according to instructions for the item you ordered: for Goof Proof, 365o for 4 seconds, peeland place the”1″ numeral within the football, then cover the printed area with our soft sheet and press it again. Let it cool slightly before removing the cover sheet. Since moms love bling it was also a good idea to add an Panther stock-mascot rhinestone to the yoke. The rhinestones, because they have small stones in them, should not be placed to mesh because they may fall right into the opening. The rhinestones that are available in stock are cheap, and they come with some of the most well-known mascots on offer.

On the backs of both shirts, I added the Express Name and an 8″ number. Because Mom’s shirt is a little smaller and has a smaller size, I chose two” characters, and 2.5″ for dad’s. The name and the number can be added simultaneously and in less than 4 minutes. Our simple to use perfect pairing system is simple to use. Simply touch to the top edge of the number paper with the bottom of your name. then touch the edges of the numbers 1 and 8. The paper edges are aligned using one easy application.

In only 8 seconds, in just 8 seconds, you’ve got Mom and Dad ready to cheer the team to victory!