How to tell the difference between genuine and fake soccer jerseys

We stock hundreds of authentic soccer jerseys to be used by teams or clubs. are often asked what is the difference between authentic and replica.
We’ll start with the fundamentals. Which is “legit” (not fake)? replica hockey jerseys reddit Both of them.
The authentic and replica jerseys are legally licensed, meaning that they’re endorsed by the club or national team, as well as by the brand.
“Authentic” jerseys “authentic” jerseys are exact matches of what they wear by the pros during matches. They’re constructed with an athletic cut , and feature performance.
best replica nba jerseys reddit The “replicas” are made specifically for people who would like to display their pride when enjoying or cheering for their team. replica soccer jerseys The result is a more comfortable design that’s made to provide everyday comfort.
The technologies used and the terminology vary by brand We’ve put together this list of the main differences between replica and authentic jerseys of adidas, Nike and PUMA.