The Bag was delivered in Mint Condition

I was concerned that my bag would be delivered in a wonky condition. It’s the way it is when you see photographs of something online, that look stunning in a great shape. And when you see it in person and it’s just sort or… off somehow? It’s happened to me on replica designer clothes and bags more times than I can recall. My LV was almost in mint quality! It was in good shape regardless whether it was full or empty of my stuff. There were ZERO scratches to the exterior, and the material was flawless. It had that faint “new purse” scent.
In the case of many replicas I purchased or viewed online I usually discovered two key differences in comparison to the actual quality… in particular the stitching, and the quality of the leather. The leather felt a lot like unfinished and the stitching was often not smooth, but rather messy. But, in this case I’m pleased to say that the leather not only is expensive in appearance and feel, but the stitching is well-organized and tidy.