The NBA tag on the back of a Replica jersey

Replica jerseys will be sporting the NBA tag on the bottom. The number and name at the rear of the jersey are made of a fine fabric that is stitched onto the jersey. This is not hot-pressed vinyl. You should be able to feel the stitching on the name and numbers on both sides part of the jersey.
The size tag on Authentic jerseys is the most obvious way to distinguish between the Authentic jersey from its knockoff. It’s composed of a top in black and an aluminum bottom. custom replica soccer jerseys The size will always be numeral, and a different tag will be attached vertically to the stitched sizing tags with the wording “Authentic” on it. Be aware of the numbers on the rear of the jersey. Jersey producers are cautious not to let any part of the number show through the jersey. The numbers must also be in the right style.
The authentic jersey is the priciest and usually cost $199.99 but could be higher or lower dependent on the demand and players.